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The global pandemic has brought about a true boom in startups:

    • In the United States, in 2020-21 the number of applications for starting a business reached its all-time highs of with +95% compared to the same period in 2019;
    • In France, 84,000 new businesses were registered in October, according to McKinsey. This is a historical maximum and a 20% increase;
    • Japan registered +14% over the same month in 2020.

Lucky us that truly support the principle of Erick Smith, first CEO of Google, “The solution to every world problem is more startups!”.


Way2Star has been founded to build an innovative structured system to connect early stage Startups with Angel investors.

We developed an analytical model and a set of efficient processes to select high potential startups, analyzing their specific needs and providing a personalized menu of services to help them grow and think global from day one.

For investor that seek to become angels, Way2Star has created an innovative and structured VC fund, consisting in a managed portfolio of Early Stages Ventures with:

    • a high geo and multi sector diversification;
    • a smaller entry ticket;
    • a structured way to valorize experience via work for equity;
    • the access to a global community of like minded angels.


During our own journeys as entrepreneurs, we observed some areas of gap in traditional approaches to early stage startups acceleration:

    • Early Stage Startups need funds, expertise and more support with accessing global markets. Investors are afraid of high risks;
    • Crowdfunding or Banks do not bring expertise and traditional VCs are not accessible at this stage;
    • Accelerators ask for high share stakes;
    • Angels are rare in some countries, their investment doesn’t always include expertise, they tend to invest in the same sector they know and in the same country, with less attention to risk management through diversification;
    • Angels tend to act as lone players, not talking much about or sharing investment opportunities: there is a missed opportunity to leverage the power of human connection and networking in this area;
    • Work for Equity is still not well structured and valorized;


Our methodology to support Startups is based on 5 success pillars:

    • Product growth hacking
    • People
    • Brand building
    • Monetization
    • Demand generation

Our Menu of Services for Startups includes:

    • Connection to local accelerators and partners over multiple geographical areas.
    • Market study and entry strategy and connections
    • Consultancy to establish companies or subsidiaries in USA/EU/Middle East
    • Support and opening of bank accounts, including assessment and due diligence
    • Talent recruitment, Talent lifecycle management and HR consultancy

Our Network of connections, expertise, support, is present across:

    • EUROPE (Switzerland, Italy, Malta, UK)
    • ASIA (Singapore)
    • MENA & AFRICA (Dubai)

Our offering to investors includes:

      • A managed portfolio of Early Stages Ventures with a high geo-local diversification;
      • A Smaller Entry Ticket;
      • Diversification across Industries and Markets;
      • A global portfolio to apply their expertise on;
      • Structured contracts for Work for Equity (W4E);
      • Potential additional leads for their own consultancy or other business.
      • Through a structured talent selection process we onboard industry professionals, mentors and investors with a combination of technical and soft competences, proven experience, interpersonal qualities and strong ethical principles.


We are a large group of international advisors and industry experts with a proven track record of successes as entrepreneurs, large corporate managers and startup advisors.

Way2Star was co-founded in 2020 by four friends and likeminded industry professionals: Federico, Fabio, Luca and Nicola are industry experts with an international background and 20+ years of successful managerial careers in the area of Entrepreneurship, Finance, IT & Digital marketing, Human resources and Talent development. They are currently living in 4 different geographical areas (Italy, Malta, Dubai, Singapore) and they share a common passion for life-long growth, learning and human centered leadership.

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